Welcome to CIFP Don Bosco LHII

Welcome to High Level Vocational Training Institute Don Bosco.

From this moment you are part of a project with two clear signs of identity, experience and permanent wish for renovation and continuous improvement.

The Educational Community and the Resources and Services of the Centre are at your disposal; you will have the chance to develop your activity, both in the educative field in Initial Training and in Training for the Employment as well as in your personal development field taking part in continuous educational activities for teachers and in collaboration with teams and projects which would help to achieve the aims and objectives of the Institute.

 We are convinced that with everyone's hope and effort we can reach the level of satisfaction allowing us to feel proud of being an active part of such an important project as the one represented by CIFP Don Bosco LHII.


Juan Carlos Lizarbe  - Principal

You can follow the activity of the institute by twitter @fpdbosco or being friend of the different facebook accounts of our departments:

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